Here are some tips, ideas and information you need to make your event successful. 


FIRST: Thank you for hosting! We truly appreciate you. Here is what you need to do now:

1-2 weeks prior to your party

  • Invite your friends. We will set up an event page on Facebook and invite you as a co-hostess. We STRONGLY recommend you invite at least double the number of people you want to attend. If you want 4 guests, invite 8! Life happens and there will always be cancellations and things that come up at the last minute. 

  • Follow up with your guests. We will also be posting reminders as well, but follow up from you really makes a difference. 

  • Get your guests orders in! 

Day of the party

  • Set up a crafting spot! Dining room tables work great. You want to make sure everyone has enough room to move and work, some of our crafts are 2 feet across. 

  • Refreshments. We strongly recommend light refreshments. Something to snack on while paint dries and bottles of water. Do not feel like you need to put out a huge spread of hor d'oeuvres. Most of the time people will be working on their crafts with their hands dirty. We've found in most cases, not much of the food gets eaten, but a nice little snack is great! 

  • Relax and have fun! That's what this is about. If you are running around stressing about last minute details you are missing all of the fun! Enjoy the day, your house looks great, and we just want to spend time with you! 

WE HAVE THE REST COVERED! We will be bringing the craft kits, glue guns, extension cords, Kraft paper to do your crafts on. Extra tools, paints, brushes and embellishments.