A stormy sea, hidden treasure and a pirate ship plank!

Sounds like the makings of a great adventure novel. But this adventure is the real life adventure of my life. Ok, you got me, maybe there was no pirate ship plank, but it does involve a small piece of driftwood. Which TOTALLY could have been a pirate ship plank. But there was absolutely a stormy seascape and we absolutely scored some hidden treasure. How this story ends... yes, at the beginning: (Stay with me!) Last month was my husbands birthday. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time (his birthday falls between Thanksgiving, one of our children's birthday and Christmas). I wanted to make him something meaningful. When an idea stuck me! Cue lightbulb glowing over my head. I got really ex

New kit options! Well, actually old ones...

Hey ladies! When we first started this business we offered the wood blocks (or cutouts), paints, papers and accessories all separately. It wasn't until we started offering complete kits that our business really grew. It's something different and unique. It makes us one of a kind. Lots of companies out there sell wood crafts and finished signs. Lots of companies offer a "craft night" when you make your catchy little wood sign that we've all seen and love on Pinterest. But the wood kits in a box, complete with everything you need to complete it was a new spin on it. We were the first to offer that. As we grow, we are so blessed to have more and more RETURNING customers who do not need the acce


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