We are looking for women who want to share this journey with us and help connect more women!

  • We believe that taking time to do something for yourself creates the BEST version of you. 

  • We believe that an afternoon with your girlfriends uplifts and heals your soul. 

  • We believe that hands covered with paint, glitter and maybe a little glue, make the perfect manicure. 

  • We believe the items you craft should never be perfect, instead strive for what speaks to your soul.

At the end of the day, it's not about the crafts at all. It's about the connections we make. We've been so blessed to see some powerful connections made. We've seen women laugh, bond with complete strangers, cry and laugh some more. And that is more powerful than painting a piece of wood. Don't get us wrong WE LIVE TO CRAFT, but it is merely the tool we use to bring women together. 

Join us at our next event by clicking the tab or host your own Ladies Night In and receive an awesome discount on your craft. 

50% Off


When you have 1-3 guests attend

When you have 4+ guests attend