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Step 1

Measure & cut paper        5 to 10 min

(if you are skipping paper move on to step 2!)

Trace your kit onto your paper, then cut paper inside the pencil line (it’s helpful if you pencil a small x on the front of your kit so late in the process you can remember which side was the front).






Step 2

Paint   10 to 15 min

If applying paper: paint sides and back but do not paint the front. On front paint just the edges.    
If not applying paper: paint all sides including the front.


Step 3

Let it dry    15 min at least

If paint on your craft feels cool to the touch your paint is NOT dry, applying paper will cause the paper to bubble up. Wait an additional five minutes before continuing.  


Step 4

Mod Podge   10 to 15 minGlue paper onto your craft    5 to 10 min

USE THE MOD PODGE™ included in your kit. Paint the front of craft with the glue and lay your paper that is cut out on to your craft. Use the squeegee included in your kit to burnish the paper down onto your wood.



Step 5

Let it dry    15 min

If craft feels cool to the touch your MOD PODGE™ is NOT dry, applying vinyl will cause paper to stick to vinyl transfer tape and tear. Wait an additional five minutes.


Step 6

Apply Vinyl   15 min at least

 (if applicable, not all kits include vinyl)

Remove white paper backing, apply vinyl to craft. Once vinyl is applied to craft, burnish the vinyl well by scrapping with the squeegee included in your kit. Then very slowly peel transfer tape back at a sharp angle. Sometimes (especially for intricate vinyl) you may need to burnish vinyl back into place as you peel up transfer tape.

Step 7

Decorate    15 min

Now add your bling and ribbon any way you like.  We also recommend antiquing the edges of your craft with chalk  or chalk ink (found out your local craft store) .

Step 8

Hardware 15    min at least

 (if applicable, not all kits include hardware)

To install hanging hardware it is easiest if you pre-drill your hardware holes. You will need a hammer and a small nail. Hammer the nail in only enough to start the hole to screw in hanging or mounting hardware.

Jump rings are best installed with a pair of jewelry needle nose pliers available at any craft store.

Check out this video!

Watch a video tutorial of our Unicorn Kit

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