Mama, you deserve a break!

Take the time to recharge YOUR batteries so you can be at your best! Crafting is a great way to get those creative juices flowing, de-stress, and give you the mental break you deserve. 

But who has time to craft? Coming up with cute ideas, then hunting for all of the various items you need to make your piece. Before you know it, you've spent over $100, are worn out and now someone in your house is hungry or needs a sports uniform washed. Let us do the hard work for you! We ship you a box that has EVERYTHING YOU NEED ... except a glass of wine. 

Our April box begins shipping on

April 4th.

Orders placed between now and March 31st will receive our April Box, which will begin shipping around April 4th. 

Orders placed on or after April 1st will receive our May Box, which will begin shipping around May 4th.

**PLEASE NOTE!! If you order around the first of the month your order DOES NOT ship until the 4th of the next month.. This means, that depending on shipping times you may be charged for a second box before you receive your first box. This happens because our current website set up does not allow us to process all charges on a specific date. Charges will be processed approximately every 30 days, starting with the date you order. For example if you place your order on the 10th, you will always be charged on or about the 10th of each month. Ideally we are looking into ways to hold all charges until just prior to shipping. As soon as we can make that change we will let you know! Please feel free to contact us for questions regarding your shipments. 

Purchasing these items from a big box craft store will cost your over $50*, and that's only if they have the items in stock!

*Price is based on a comparison shop. Big box store was sold out or did not carry many of the items in store so most items needed to be purchased on their website, for a total $41.68 including shipping. One item was not available and needed to be purchased from a large retail website. The total for that item was $10.74 including shipping, bringing the grand total to $52.42


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