Give me these mountains

I don’t know if it’s because of where I was born or if that’s where my spirit was drawn to and so I was destined to be there. But being born at the base of the Grand Tetons almost makes the mountains call to me. It is where I feel most at home. 

I recently have started a journey of self “re” discovery. And have naturally been spending much more of my time deep in the mountains. I get to spend many mornings chopping wood and listening to the rain fall through the pines.

I’ve been realized that wasn’t showing in my art. I strive to make kits that people from all walks of life can enjoy, something for everyone. But I need to do something that for me. So I pulled our Christmas Tree kit from our shelves and reworked it. 

If you are interested in a matching set I would be happy to assemble this kit for you! But this one... this one is for me. 

#woodcrafts #mountains

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