It's all about the TOOLS!

Happy Monday evening craft world!

Tonight I want to write about a few of my favorite craft room essentials: tools! One thing my dad, an amazing craftsman, always taught us is “it’s all about the tools! You can do any job with the right tools.” And good tool will always make the difference, whether on a construction site, mechanics shop or in your craft room.


In our kits we include a basic foam paint brush. It will definitely get the job done, no doubt. But if you are going to be crafting A LOT I strongly recommend a decent set of paint brushes. That does not necessarily mean expensive, though I’m sure many a painter will argue with that, and if I ever decide to become the next Picasso I will write a new post. The paintbrush set shown here I absolutely love! I don’t have a problem with bristles coming out and getting stuck in my masterpieces. They leave a smooth even finish. And they wash up really well with basic soap and water - even when left for a bit (and my kids have thoroughly tested this theory, and their longevity for using “moms good paintbrushes”). And they cost me about $8.00 at Wal-Mart. They appear to be sold out but here is a similar 5 peice set on Amazon for under $7.

Glue gun

Honestly, I would truly be lost in this world without my glue gun. The things I’ve fixed.... I can’t even begin to list them. About a year ago I decided it was worth it to purchase a “good” glue gun. I was super tired of the super cheap ones, dribbling more glue on my counter than on my projects. I always seemed to be fighting the triggers to work properly. When you spend more time getting your tools to work right, than actually using them, they are not worth it. I “invested” about $25 in my glue gun. I’m pretty sure I purchased it at Michaels but I could be wrong (which means I most likely used my coupon for it as well ) but you can find one here for $17.37. It comes with three different tips. I’ve tried them all. I would probably use the small tip more often as it would be great for all of the small delicate things I glue on our crafts, BUT I love the wide flat tip for assembling our kit boxes, and I’m honestly too lazy to switch the tips out every day. Plus my glue gun is perpetually on and in use so it’s never cool enough for me to actually switch the tips. It dribbles very little glue -- a handful of beadlets throughout the day -- and the trigger functions beautifully and is always reliable.

I keep many more tools organized and within reach at all times. In fact I have a full set of my own tools, I LOVE my Black and Decker cordless drill, I have levels and hammers, tape measure, heat guns for embossing, my Cricut, a scoring board, and a great paper cutter that probably deserves its on blog post one of these days. But my paintbrushes and hot glue gun I use daily. In the morning when I get up, I fix me something warm to drink, turn on my computer and turn on my hot glue gun. Then I start my day.

Please tell us in the comments below what is your FAVORITE craft room tool?

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