Crafting Failures

Today I want to talk about failure. Sounds like a light-hearted fun topic for a beautiful summer day right? But to be honest, I think it’s something we don’t talk about enough. Because failure means we aren’t perfect… at least in our own minds.

In my business, the most common objection I hear is “I can’t craft.” Well, the truth is, everyone CAN craft. It’s whether or not you did that one craft successfully. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse. Because we see these beautiful images and think “OH! I want my house to look like that!” or “I can TOTALLY make that myself”. Then we attempt it, and it turns out nothing like the image. The internet is full of “Pinterest Fails”. Heck there is even a book out now “Craft Fail” (that can be purchased here on amazon). Some of the fails are pretty funny. Making us all feel a little better about our own short comings.

But did we really fail? Well, only if we’ve given up completely. Which is usually about the time you get introduced to my business. You’ve already tried, it didn’t turn out. And you refuse to subject yourself to THAT frustration again. You’ve given up, and honestly, it’s cheaper and less stress to just buy something at Wal-mart, or Michael’s… but only if we have our 40% off coupon, right? So that’s when the words escape your mouth “I can’t craft”.

Recently, I had a day of tremendous frustration. Frustration in life, frustration with my business, just frustration in general. I had new displays I needed to complete, and thought that would take my mind off all the things racing around in my brain. But instead of creating a beautiful new display to show off I ended up with this.

Well, that’s lovely isn’t it. So by all logic, I failed. Guess it’s time to hang up my apron and close up shop. … Or is it? Here’s a little secret. I have a crafting “disaster” about once a month. Vinyl that slips out of my hand a lays wrong. Paint that dribbles in the wrong spot or runs. Embellishments that end up crooked. Or this most recent nightmare.

But when I step back for a moment, I recognize that is how life is in general. It’s a complete mix of failures and successes. I have no idea if this business will take off the way I want it to. I have no idea if I will be able to build the house we’ve been looking at for a couple years now. I have no idea if my children will grow up to be the amazing people I am trying to raise them to be. But I know this, even when I am REALLY tempted …. I’m not ready to hang up my apron yet.

So, I will keep working at it. Keep grinding it out every day. Start over sometimes when it’s necessary, or just add an extra ribbon to cover up the paint dribble. But I won’t give up. And neither should you.

Life is going to get messy. Just add a little sparkle and call it art.

#Crafting #CraftFails

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