New kit options! Well, actually old ones...

Hey ladies! When we first started this business we offered the wood blocks (or cutouts), paints, papers and accessories all separately. It wasn't until

we started offering complete kits that our business really grew.

It's something different and unique. It makes us one of a kind. Lots of companies out there sell wood crafts and finished signs. Lots of companies offer a "craft night" when you make your catchy little wood sign that we've all seen and love on Pinterest. But the wood kits in a box, complete with everything you need to complete it was a new spin on it. We were the first to offer that. As we grow, we are so blessed to have more and more RETURNING customers who do not need the accessories pack that comes inside the kit. We are also meeting a broader selection of crafters who want our original simple wood blocks and cutouts to craft themselves with their own unique spin on it.

We've decided to bring back the basic wood blocks as an option on most kits. We will be updating the website through-out the next couple of days, with the new (actually old) option to order JUST the wood portion of the kit. When you select this option you will receive JUST the wood. No box, no accessories, paints, ribbons, embellishments, no vinyl, or step by step instructions that come in all of our kits. That means its completely up to you and your creativity on how to decorate your craft.

Along with this we will be expanding our "tools and supplies" section on our website in the coming months. offering some of our selection of paper to purchase as a stand alone, as well as paints, embellishment packets, vinyl sayings so you can create your own unique kit... kinda like Build-a-Bear. Just "Build-a-kit" ;)

We can't wait to see the creations you come up with. We would love to have your share your crafts and tag us so everyone can see your unique creations!

Happy Crafting!

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