Flower Basket Makeover

It is spring time! And my favorite place to be in the warmer months is on my back patio in my mini garden. When it’s warm, I move my laptop out there and spend most of my days working out in the sunshine, I love it.

The other day I was picking up a few essentials at Walmart, next to the front doors they had some pretty little flowers for planting. I couldn’t resist! I knew I had a hanging basket at home that would work great. Or so I thought.

Upon arriving home, and preparing my new lovelies I realized the garden basket I had... had been picked apart by bluejays. Not wanting to run back to the store for something non-essential, I decided to improvise.

I grabbed a bright colored roll of wired ribbon and wrapped my basket. This added some structure to was was left of my basket lining. Bonus, it makes my patio look so bright and cheery!

Of course you have to add a bow!

A quick simple fix and avoided an unnecessary trip to the store.

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