Vintage Delivery Truck

Vintage Delivery Truck

Vintage Delivery Trucks are such an adorable trend right now. And this kit is the perfect addition to your decor! This kit includes unfinished solid wood truck, fenders and hubcaps, paint, and embellishments. NOW WITH SIDERAILS!


Seasonal accessories for the truck bed are available! Accessories sold separately**

All kits include a paint brush. Kits also include a bottle of glue if craft paper is included in kit.


Vintage Delivery Truck

Wood Only Kit includes one truck cutout. Kits are solid wood.  

Truck cutout is approximately 10"x5"



Complete Kit includes: Wood Only Kit plus paint, glitter card stock, embellishments, fenders and wheels accessory pieces, and paint brush. 

  • Every kit is UNIQUE!

    We don't believe in cookie cutter crafts! We want each craft to be unique, TOTALLY YOURS! Therefore each kit is slightly different from the next. Paper featured in the image above is an example only and may not be the paper included in your kit. In some kits, the paper may be the same however, the ribbon or embellishments may be different. If you have a special request, please let us know and we will do our best to meet that request. Not all requests will be granted, but we will try! 


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