Pro Art Chalk Pastels 36pc

Pro Art Chalk Pastels 36pc

Pro Art Chalk Pastels feature vivid colors that blend smoothly to achieve an infinite range of color tones. The velvety texture is perfect for use on paper, cloth, or other dry mediums. Stick is square shaped. Square Vivid Colors 36pc- Colors include: white, beige, yellow ochre, light peach, dusty rose, pink, brilliant yellow, goldenrod, pumpkin, orange, deep orange, brilliant red, crimson, mauve, light brown, brick red, brownish red, fuchsia, light violet, violet, Prussian blue, blue, ultramarine, sky blue, light blue, cyanine blue, turquoise green, grass green, verdant green, olive green, leaf green, burnt umber, brown, deep black, dark gray, and light gray.


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