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Dear Visitor,

September 3, 2018


Late last night I received a message from a visitor on our website upset by our current marketing that targets busy moms. She felt we were excluded women who do not have any children. By the time I composed my thoughts to respond, the visitor was gone, leaving me unable to message her back. I was heartbroken by not only her words but the missed opportunity I felt could have been gained by connecting with her. I am not sure if she will return to our site, but in the hopes that she does, I want her to know her voice was heard. Here is my letter to her.

First and foremost, I’m am deeply sorry to hear about your struggle. That is a hard one. It’s not a struggle I’ve personally faced, however I have personally battled issues that seemed crushing at the time, the feelings of despair and overwhelm I know all too well, while having to paste on a smile for the world. So I feel your pain, though I feel it differently.

Secondly, you are correct, we need to work harder at making sure all women feel welcome at our table. We are rolling out a series of campaigns focused on bringing all women together at our crafting table. At the current moment our marketing is targeting busy moms, who fill their schedules up with activities for their children but fail to schedule anything for themselves. Leading to a huge rise in depression and anxiety. In fact, in preparing our campaign, one study I read showed that 88% of working moms had at least one stress related health issue. That is a massive women’s health issue. One of the most common responses in the study was “there’s just no personal time.”

Therefore, our current campaign is focused on getting those women to take that “me” time. In a light hearted fun way. “If you are scheduling play dates for the kids, schedule one for yourself”. We apologize if it came across as exclusive, that was never our intention.

If I haven’t lost you yet and you are still reading, I would love your thoughts and input. We would love to connect with more women like you. Women who have been through similar experiences and can connect and uplift each other. If you’ve got an idea for a marketing campaign, we’d love to hear it.

The next campaign we are working on is our “working women” campaign.

Thank you so much for your time. And thank you for taking the time to take a look around our website. I truly appreciate you reaching out to us and letting your voice be heard. Thank you.

Nici Young, Co-Owner Poppy’s Hobbies  

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