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Who is Poppy's Hobbies for?

For the women that were told they weren’t enough.

For the single moms struggling trying to pay their water bill.

For the moms that were too young. Or too old.

For the moms that tried so hard, but never got be a mom.

And for the ones that lost their beautiful babies too soon.

The women that didn’t have the right education.

The women that were told they weren’t the right body type.

They weren’t the right personality type.

For the women who got passed over for the promotion they deserved.

For the women that want more. 

For the girls that just didn’t belong.

You belong here.

And you are enough.

My story:

Much of my life I’ve been told I wasn’t enough by the world. I wasn’t popular. I didn’t wear the right clothes. I wasn’t pretty enough. When I was 16 I found out I was pregnant. I felt alone and terrified. A whole new wave of “not enough” hit me. I was asked multiple times by my high school administrators to please transfer schools, “girls like you do better elsewhere”. I wasn’t enough. The job rejections came, “we just don’t hire girls like you, sorry.” Then “you seem so nice, but I just don’t rent to girls like you.”


I’ve been turned down for jobs I was more than qualified for because I didn’t have a the right education. My years of actual work experience weren’t enough. I have been passed over for promotions because “girls like me....”


Girls like me just weren’t enough.


I started crafting because it was therapy. It was a chance to sit with other women and talk while our hands were busy. It’s the only place I found where I was enough, because I didn’t have to be anything more than just me. One day I made myself a small wooden sign that simply said “I am ENOUGH.” It has become my battle cry. 


A few years ago I met a beautiful sweet woman. I had known who she was through acquaintances in the past but this time we got the chance to truly connect. We would chat about life and share some very deep hidden pains. I made her an identical “I am ENOUGH” wooden sign. She gave me the biggest hug ever, we cried together. She told me how much it meant to her and that she would keep it on her bathroom counter where she could see it every morning. I had no idea that would be my last conversation with her.


Those last few conversations haunted me for a long time. What if I had given her the wrong advice? What if I had been a better friend? What if...


I was shaming myself now. Telling myself I wasn’t enough.


I’ve walked down a very long dark road of not enough’s. In sharing my story, others have shared theirs with me in return and I’ve come to realize, we all have a story. Every one of us comes with a ton of baggage and a mountain of pain.


But that’s not where our stories have to end.


I believe you DESERVE the life YOU want. No matter your baggage, background, ethnicity, gender, education or place in this world. And I believe YOU are the only thing left standing in your way. We all have MASSIVE mountains to climb, you are not alone. But your journey is YOUR journey. It’s up to you to take those steps and climb those mountains. I am right here cheering you on every step of the way. You have everything you need RIGHT NOW.


You are not a survivor anymore, you are a warrior. You are enough.


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